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So here is one of the main reason's I've been sort of MIA! Last Christmas, Santa brought us a Bull Mastiff puppy and well, let's just say Solo has been more than a fun doggy for the kids! He's eaten up my curtains, carpet, shoes, window trim, rugs and any and everything he can get his mouth on if we're not watching. We've been training this fella super hard and boy oh boy, that's all I'm going to say about that! The good news is that he just turned a year this month and is finally starting to settle down into the big, lovable, lazy dog we wanted!


So now, where does that leave the little friends in my head? Well, it's possible that I'm using this big fella as an excuse to a tad bit of writer's block. It seems that my work in progress is taking a bit longer than I anticipated, but I think that's a good thing. When it comes down to it, this book is just plain hard. It's set in a futuristic world, with climate changes and all kinds of things I'm just having to create and think about and really roll up my sleeves for. Aside from the world building, I've got my signature love story I hope people root for, but I also have that scientific ingredient that makes everything fit together and seem real. I have to tell you I'm really pushing myself to make this book smart, interesting, exciting, and new-but-still-me. It may take me a little while, but the winter always brings me good inspiration. With a fire going, a blanket and a hot cup of coffee, expect some good progress and updates soon. And I'll probably be reaching out to you guys for some advice. Your messages always give me a kick start and your opinions  keep me going down the right path, so stay tuned. Work in Progress, here we come :)!

This is going to be a fun entry to write!  I'm so excited for the finalizing of the Hour of Dreams and cannot wait to hear what you think about it. I hope you like it as much as me, because it just feels like such a long- coming, appropriate ending to Sophie and Wes' journey.

Aside from that I had the privilege to attend two very fun book festivals. The West Virginia Book Festival in Charleston WV, is always a favorite of mine. This year was my third year back and I miss the fans more and more each year and the fact that they keep coming back makes me feel so honored and I look forward to going every year.


Me and three sisters who I'd drive 5 hours to see any year!  


         More awesomeness, also with Leah Rose,                                                                                                                            author of The Messenger                                     

The other festival I had a blast at was YALL Fest in Charleston SC. It was amaaaazing and my first time attending. Must be something about the name Charleston! Anyway, I signed with Jennifer Anne Davis, author of The Voice which is coming out in January. We had fun, went to dinner and on a haunting ghost tour of the city. Plus this was the first YA festival I took my daughter to and she had a great time. She walked away with Untraceable by  S. R Johannes which was her first pick aside from the ones I already have! She's excited and has now started her personal "Author Signed Book" spot on her own shelf.

For me, I walked away with many of my favorite books signed and am having just as much fun as she is adding to my own author signed copy collection. Here are ones I walked away with signed, thanks to my daughter eagerly standing in a few long lines. I'll note that I did get Simone Elkeles' signatures myself. I figured that wouldn't look too good with her going up with Perfect Chemisty asking Simone to please sign it. LOL

These are a few of my signed prized possessions from SC! 

Me and Jennifer Anne Davis   

 Me and Trisha Wolfe. So neat to meet her.
had a squeal, let's swap books moment.
Very fun
after seeing her online all over the place

And this was a super fun moment. I was surprised
to see Briana from The Book Pixie. We've
communicated online and she's reviewed my books
for like ever and that was neat to meet in person!

So overall, very exciting last few weeks for me. I look forward to the next phase which is hopefully you reading The Hour of Dreams and telling me all about what you think!
See you soon! :)

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